Monday, September 28, 2009


The Kelau dam project involves the transfer of raw water from the Kelau river in Pahang to Selangor, by tunneling through the main range. 

Besides inundating forested land, the project also involves the unneccesary relocation of the Orang Asli (indigenous minority peoples of Peninsular Malaysia) in Kampung Temir and Bukit Cenal.

Watch the revealing video on the Kelau dam project at


jeffrey said...

This Kelau dam project is going to have a hugh impact on the enviourment especially during it's construction period.

Who's in the right mind would dig tunnels through the hills and ridges just to transport water. Isn't there a better alternative?
Just drive from KL to Bentong and onto Karak and you will know what I mean.

ecowarriorz said...

I totally agree Jeffrey. I would appear that all the rivers within a few hundred kilometers of KL are being completely messed up and for why? The water authority still hasn't addressed the problem of leaking mains pipes - some date back to the British days. About 40 percent of treated water is lost this way. It's like throwing money literally down the drain.
And why does KL need so much water anyway. If people valued water more maybe they wouldn't waste so much. It's a disgrace that a country that has the kind of rainfall we have should ever complain about water shortages. Yet another example of mismanagement/bad governance, call it what you will.