Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Antares update 29/12


Delighted to report that Antares is now off all life support, he's conscious and the twinkle in his eye has returned.  Hopefully he'll be out of ICU tomorrow.  He's still quite weak and hasn't quite found his voice yet - not surprising after having had tubes in his throat for so long - so we'll have to wait a bit longer to hear all about his adventures.  But he is smiling and stretching and being a model patient according to the nurses.

Welcome back Magruser man

Monday, December 28, 2009

Antares update 28/12


Great news Antares is waking up and his parasites have been zapped.  Hopefully he'll be out of ICU in the next 2 days. He even half opened his eyes and smiled at Belle and when I updated him on how Anoora, Ahau and his beloved Roger (his favourite dog who has a broken leg) were, I could tell that my message had been received and understood. 
I'm celebrating having just completed my 58th orbit of the sun and this is the best gift I could have received.
A big thank you to all who have praying for him and sending him your healing love.  My heartfelt thanks also to the wonderful staff at Sg. Buloh hospital, if ever I had to be admitted to hospital that's where I'd go for sure.
The doctor is going to brief Belle and Moon this afternoon so more later.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Update on Antares

My dear friend and fellow ecowarrior, Antares ( has been battling severe Malaria for the last 4 days. He's currently in ICU and today has started to show signs of improvement.  He's already off dialysis and the doctors are starting to try and wean him off the ventilator.  It's amazing how many people have been sending love, healing energies and prayers his way and I'm sure that they are really having a positive effect.  So thanks to all and keep it coming.  

I know many of his PR blogger buddies are dying to go chat with him and update him on the machinations of the evil empire but because he's still fully sedated (unconscious) and is still very vulnerable to any small disease or infection, visiting has been restricted to immediate family only until he's out of ICU and back on the ward.

Until this happened I hadn't realised how many nutters and sickos there are out there waiting to get into the limelight... these people seem to relish other people's misfortune and sadness and I pity them.  Last night an anonymous person using the name Sister Stella announced Antares' death on the zorro unmasked blog. Although I knew it wasn't true it really upset me and I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what possible pleasure or gain anyone could get from deliberately causing distress to Antares' family and true friends. 

Then there are the well-meaning but totally misguided people who were insisting he should be given this or that wonder medicine and then being abusive to his family when they politely declined.  One couple even forced their way into a family briefing with the doctor and then were rude to his family.  I mean really, what planet are these people from I wonder? Maybe the same planet as all the other misguided folk who continue to support this corrupt government and those that have lost their connection with mother earth and are destroying the environment for personal gain.  I wish they'd all balik kampung.

In the meantime I'll put out an update on Antares everyday until he's out of ICU and you can also check for updates from his daughters, Belle and Moon on Antares' Facebook wall.  To all those weirdos who love to wallow in others misfortune and tragedy, may you wake up and rejoin the human race.