Thursday, November 5, 2009


UPDATE: 5.11.09


At around 9.30 tonight a police van arrived in Kg. Pertak and the officers asked my neighbour, Antares, to accompany them to the police station. Apparently an Orang Asli man named Rapi has made another police report that Antares has been obstructing his work.  He has obviously got a heavily invested interest in the road to nowhere going somewhere. This is the second time he's made such a report.

Antares agreed to follow them down to town in his own vehicle after they intimated that they would arrest him if he didn't agree.

Within minutes of Antares leaving three other police officers arrived outside my house. They wanted a chat about the minister's visit to the village tomorrow. Senator Murugiah is scheduled to pay a call on Antares tomorrow morning - he's apparently on a fact--finding tour after complaints about the illegality of the road to nowhere reached his desk. 

The police officers took down my particulars and asked me what I knew about the ministers visit. I told them what I knew, which isn't much, and suggested to them that this was a complete waste of police time as it is very clearly a political issue.  They didn't disagree!

Really what a load of nonsense...what is this country coming to when police come to your house at 10pm, especially over such a trite accusation - maybe they're scared of the sunlight!  They were definitely scared of the dogs that Antares and I keep, kinda spoils their macho image that's for sure. It's hard to be intimidated by anyone who cowers at the sight of a K9.

I'm now waiting for Antares' return when I'm sure he'll let everyone know what's going on.



Antares said...

Wow! My 15 minutes of "police harassment" fame. Can't let my buddies Zorro and Tian Chua hog all the limelight! Anyway, thanks for alerting The Entire Blogosphere, Mary.
I thought this guy Rapi Bata had lodged ANOTHER polis report against me. Turns out it was the same one that got me a Special Visit from the Special Branch last month. And here I was, thinking it was another case of NFA (surely I deserve the same courteous treatment as V.K. Lingam?)... anyway, the fact that a deputy minister was coming on a fact-finding mission on Friday, 6 November, seems to have stirred up an entire termites nest of would-be land-grabbers and contract-receivers. An attractive female inspector was put on my case so I would have no resistance to being interrogated - and of course I didn't resist her questioning, since she was in turn pretty forthcoming with answering MY questions (except she refused to show me Rapi's report, as though it was top secret! "I can only tell you the contents, she said). Nothing new there: Rapi's complaint was that I was blocking his project and working with Mat Salleh NGOs to interfere with "development" projects for the Orang Asli. Heh heh. Nothing has changed since the Mahathir Era. That's right, all those Tree-Hugging Westerners jealous of Malaysia's success... So I told the Inspector that there are Mat Sallehs picnicking in Pertak almost every weekend and they love the spot - naturally they would be disturbed at the sight of excavators. They probably think Malkaysians are out of their minds to deliberately destroy something as precious and irreplaceable as the rainforest - all for a few (million) lousy ringgit. I was out of the cop shop in less than an hour and found a few friends waiting outside for me. Amazing how efficient The Digital Network actually is - and how helpful and caring friends can be. THANK YOU, EVERYONE WHO SENT AN SMS ASKING IF I WAS OKAY!

Anonymous said...

In the first place what was the offense? None!!
This is a case of intimidation. The police chief in that area must have gotten some 'notes' in exchange for intimidating Antares into submission and keeping quiet over the 'rights' of the mighty.
in any case, since when did the police act as defenders of the Law? They are mere thugs in uniform.

PM said...

Interesting to find out who are those involved in the land grab. .

Pentilium5 said...

as of 13:00:01 January 1, 2009 we have officially descended into a POLICE STATE

TheWhisperer said...

Antares, received your text and glad you are well and sound.

Mary is right about the road to nowhere. In fact, it should be called as the road to the big boulder.

Next, you know they will be blasting that big boulder and start cutting down trees and start building their holiday villa over their ill-gotten plot with their ill-gotten money overlooking the Selangor dam.


Anonymous said...

'h' is in the middle of 'nowhere' laa !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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