Saturday, January 23, 2010


Aerial of Bukit Tagar landfill which is so stinky you can smell it from the PLUS highway turn-off and this is one of Selangor's showpieces!
I just had another little  foray into the wonderful world of garbage and discovered a couple of things that really disturb me:
1. Selayang Municipal Council pays between RM 2.5 -3 Million to Alam Flora per month for garbage collection and disposal, which calculated at 400 tons a day for 30 days equates to a payment of RM208 per ton. Then add on the RM30 per ton tipping fee at Bukit Tagar and we're talking RM238 per ton.  That's outrageous when you think what they (and the rate payers) are getting for their money.

2. I naively thought that garbage trucks were weighed as they arrived and left the landfill to determine the tonnage dumped and therefore the charge to the local authority. Apparently it doesn't work like that at all.  Most local authorities pay a fixed rate for waste collection and disposal so there's no incentive for the operators to actually take the garbage to the landfill which is presumably why there's so much illegal dumping everywhere...trying to maximise profits.

If there was a serious commitment on behalf of the government and local authorities to keep the environment free of garbage then the payment would be on a weight basis.  I believe this is the system in Sarawak and that as a result the garbage collectors are very diligent about making sure all the waste gets to a proper landfill site. Actually Sarawak seem to have got their solid waste management operating much more efficiently than over in the Peninsula...other local authorities please take note.

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