Monday, November 21, 2011


Madam Lai Kwan worked at the Mitsubishi rare earth refinery in Bukit Merah, Malaysia in 1982 when she was pregnant. Her son, Cheah Kok Leong was born with severe abnormalities in 1983. 

This is poignant film is just one more reason why the Lynas rare earth refinery planned to operate in Gebeng, Malaysia must be stopped.


Anonymous said...

How I wish more people like you non Kuantan residents would support us residents in Kuantan. Looks like we are fighting a losing battle. :-(
Gebeng resident

Antares said...

@Anonymous - those of us who have attempted for decades to alert others to grave errors in the way we view the world (the belief that "Time is Money" for instance, or that it's "human nature" to be greedy and selfish) have to restrain ourselves from saying "Told you so!" when the negative consequences of our collective indifference to environmental rape become manifest. Worsening floods, destructive landslides, new strains of disease that occur as the result of unrestrained logging and unnecessary "development"... the dumbing-down of the population through low-grade schools and even lower-grade TV programming... the deadening of the mind because we neglected to educate ourselves on a broad front, preferring to specialize so we can "cari makan"... all these are the logical consequences of our collective apathy. It's only when a calamity impacts directly on us - as in the case of Kuantanites confronted with the prospect of a severely polluting industry like Lynas's rare earth processing plant - that we begin to mobilize. For generations, people have kept voting BN to power - why? Because they stand to get lucrative contracts and because they fear change? Now it's almost too late... but for all our sakes, we have to make a firm stand against corruption, dishonesty and greed in government - because that is how such a vile project managed to get approval in the first place!

There are more of us against Lynas all over Malaysia then you realize - however, not everyone can show up physically to join the protest. We are determined to oppose Lynas at every step... but it appears that Lynas will stubbornly push on because so much money is involved. In the end, the only way we can stop this nonsense is to VOTE BN OUT... then all of us have a moral duty to ensure that whoever takes over power is not allowed to become corrupt!

Anonymous said...

Don be discourage...a lot of people outside Kuantan oppose Antares say not everyone can be there..

Anonymous said...

Thank you Antares and Anon 9.31pm. It's real soothing to know there is support even from outside Kuantan. Let's all pray for divine intervention and that the rakyat will be successful.
Gebeng resident

Unknown said...

Gebeng Resident, your concern is understandable. Do not wait for others to come forward, we need to take the first step act to protect our right to a clean and safe living and working environment.

The we need to take the next step to inform others near us to urge them to join you in the fight to Stop Lynas. If everyone start to do this proactively instead of waiting for support to come or expect someone else to fight the battle for us, then there will not be any change!!!

Change comes from us and ourself FIRST! We can do it and WE MUST to keep our living space clean and safe and to protect our country!!!

ecowarriorz said...

Gebeng resident please take heart you are not alone. Many people support your cause.

We need to get the message out to the ordinary Australian too so that they can do their part to stop this project at source. I was shocked when I was in Brisbane in August, that nobody seemed to know about Lynas and their dirty deal and were horrified when they found out what was being planned.

So let's all start blitzing the Ozzies we know to take some action too.

Films like this one are a very powerful way of engaging people as well as trying to expose the high level of corruption that has taken place to get the permissions to build this plant.

Here in the Klang Valley we hear rumours of very large payments having been made to individuals who are pledged to protect the people of their state, anyone with hard info on this needs to come forward and expose these bastards no matter how high up the social ladder they may be.

But ultimately, as Antares said, voting out this government is the best way to effect positive change.

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